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The approval procedure for general aviation flight is simplified

origins:        Date:2013-11-19 16:32:10
The general aviation industry of China, which has been restricted by complicated approval procedure for “taking-off”, finally gets favorable policies. On November 18, the ”Regulations on the Approval and Management of General Aviation Flight Mission” (“Regulations” for short) was jointly issued by the People's Liberation Army General Staff Department and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which prescribes that general aviation flights, except for 9 situations, do not have to follow application and approval procedure anymore.
It is learned that, the Regulations effective on December 1 will narrow the scope of flights that required approval. For most general aviation flights only flight plan application and mission description are required according to Rules on Flight Controlling of China, except for 9 situations, such as cross-border flights or flights through military restricted airspace.
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