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Chairman Mr. Lin Zuoming was awarded the “Most Influential Leader” by China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards
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  • Date: 2015-11-26 09:11:52

 In the ceremony of 5th China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards convened in Hong Kong on 13 November 2015, Mr. Lin Zuoming, the Chairman of AviChina, was awarded the “Most Influential Leader”. In the speech of award presenter, Mr. Lin was highly praised for leading such a large aviation manufacturer and giving it new energy.

This prize is a recognization of both Mr. Lin’s excellent leadership and well performance of AviChina. After Mr. Lin assumed the Chairman of AviChina in 2008, he revised strategic direction of the company and turned it from a mix of automobile and aviation business to a pure aviation high-tech manufacturer, the only one in Hong Kong stock market. Besides former helicopter and trainer business, AviChina has acquired new businesses in avionics systems, high-end connectors, mechanical systems and aviation media products. After those changes, the company recorded a revenue of RMB25.7 billion (2014) in aviation business, increased by five times from RMB4.6 billion (2008), turned from a loss to a profit of RMB781 million and had paid dividend every year since making profit. In 2011 AviChina launched a share incentive plan, being the first H share company granting restrictive shares to management. Stable performance, constant asset injections and effective investor communication form a good reputation of AviChina in stock market. Its market value increased 700% toHKD35.4 billion from HKD4.9 billion in 2008.

China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards is a large scale rating among companies listed in Mainland China and Hong Kong and their senior management. It is sponsored by Takungpao and voted by significant administration authorities, securities organizations and famous economists from Mainland China and Hong Kong. The “Most Influential Leader” is the heaviest one in the awards, whose selection is based on operation results, industry status and public image of the company as well as operation philosophy, creation capability and reputation of the leader.