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  • Date: 2011-01-18 17:01:00

N-5B is a new agricultural and forestry aircraft, developed by Hongdu Aviation based on their thorough study on domestic and overseas agricultural and forestry aircraft market. It inherits many advantages of N-5A, as easy-to-control, easy maintenance, low cost, safe and reliable, and has improved in several aspects as structure, load quantity, convenience and working equipments.
N-5B performed its maiden flight on 9 July 2008.
N-5B airplane is designed in the configuration of single engine, single pilot, low wing and fixed tail wheel landing gear. It is powered by a Czech Walter M601F turboprop engine that is fueled by aviation kerosene. It features a takeoff power of 777HP. N-5B airplane has the ceiling of 6000m with full payload and can well service on plateau and highland.
It could be applied in field seeding, fertilizing, weeding, pest controlling, forest seeding and firefighting. N-5B could also be refitted for safety surveillance, commanding rescue, aerial mapping and photographing, movie and TV shooting and advertisement promotion.