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  • Date: 2011-01-18 17:01:00

N-5A is the first agricultural and forestry aircraft independently designed, R&D and manufactured by Chinese manufacturer. It is also the first one completely complied with China Civil Aviation Rules (23th) and type certificate cognizance procedure even since its design phase. It received CAAC type certificate in August 1992 and FAA type certificate in March 2007, which has opened a door for it to enter into international markets.
N-5A airplane has the layout of single engine, single pilot, low wing and fixed tricycle landing gears, and it is powered by an American Lycoming I0-720-D1B type 400HP piston engine and an American Hartzell constant three-blade metal propeller.
N-5A equips two different sprayers for liquid and powder or particles, being able for seeding, fertilizing, weeding, pest controlling and forest firefighting.