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  • Date: 2011-01-18 17:01:00

K8 is a basic trainer. It is developed by Hongdu Aviation through international cooperation, and pursuant to international design standards. K8 made its first flight in 1990. K8 is mainly used for basic training and some high level training, featuring with perfect performance, high reliability, easy for maintenance and low lifecycle cost. It equips flat panel multi-function display and shooting system, which combines integrated display with control. It could perform trainings as take-off, landing, night flight, aerobatics, formation, stall and spin flight. It is a perfect new generation basic jet trainer. In 2001, K8 won the First Prize in National Technology Improvement. On the 60th anniversary of China's National Day military parade in 2009, K8 trainers, operated by China’s first women fighter pilots, flew over Tian’anmen square exactly at the scheduled time, being proudly reviewed by its mother land and people. As the main exporting aircraft model among China’s aviation products, K8 series have been sold to many countries in Asia and Africa.