About AviChina
Supervisory Committee

Mr.Zheng Qiang  Chariman of the Supervisory Committee


Mr. Zheng, 53 years old, a master degree holder and a researcher. He graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University with a master degree majoring in aircraft design in 1988. Mr. Zheng commenced his career in aviation industry from 1988, and served as an engineer, deputy director and director of Civil Aircraft Division of China Aviation System Engineering Research Institute (“CASERI”); deputy chief engineer and director of Aircraft System Engineering Research Division of CASERI since March 1996; deputy director-general and director-general of CASERI since October 1996; deputy head and head of Civil Aircraft Department of China Aviation Industry Corporation I since August 2001; and assistant to the general manager of China Aviation Industry Corporation I since September 2004. Mr. Zheng also served as director at AVICOPTER PLC from August 2014 to March 2015. Mr. Zheng was appointed as vice general manager of the Company from June 2009 to June 2015. Mr. Zheng has been appointed as director of the management innovation office of Aviation Industry Corporation of China since June 2015. In October 2016, Mr. Zheng was appointed as the supervisor of the Company, and was elected as the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the Company.


Mr.Zheng Qiang

Mr. Liu Fumin  Supervisor


52, a bachelor degree holder and a senior economist. Mr. Liu graduated from Harbin Finance University in 1985, majoring in finance, and graduated from Harbin Normal University in 1994, majoring in economic management. Mr. Liu commenced his career in banking in Heilongjiang Province since 1988, and was the officer, associate chief officer and chief officer of the financial research institute, the business credit department and the liquidity credit department of the Heilongjiang Branch of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. Mr. Liu acted as the project manager, senior manager, assistant to the president and vice president of the equity management department, the assets management department and the business development department of the Harbin Branch of China Hua Rong Asset Management Corporation since February 2000. He was appointed as the deputy manager of the business review Department of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (previously named as China Huarong Asset Management Corporation) in January 2010, and the vice president (in charge) of the Heilongjiang Branch of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. in January 2015.


Mr. Liu Fumin

Ms. Li Jing  Supervisor


38, a master degree holder and a certified medium translator. Ms. Li is an assistant to the director of Management Department. She graduated from the Southwest Agriculture university with a bachelor degree in 2002 and graduated from University of International Business and Economics with a MBA degree in 2013. She worked in the Investment Promotion Bureau of Mianyang Scientific-Industrial Zone and the International Cooperation Division of International Cooperation and Trading Department under AVIC II. Ms. Li joined the Company since 2004, and has been appointed as a Supervisor of the Company since May 2012.

Ms. Li Jing