Main Business
Main Business

AviChina’s main aviation products include series helicopters, regional aircraft, trainers, general-purpose aircraft, aero-parts and components and aero-mechanical and electrical products. Its helicopter products comprise Z-8 series, Z-9 series, Z-11 series, H425s and H120s. It has cooperated with Eurocopter, Agusta and Sikorsky to manufacture helicopter models EC120, CA109 and substantial parts of S92, respectively. It has established a joint venture with Embraer to produce the art-of-the-edge turbofan regional aircraft ERJ145 with 30 to 50 seats. AviChina is also a leading manufacturer of trainers and general-purpose aircraft in China. It produces L15 advanced trainer, K-8 series trainers, primary trainers, Y-12 series transportation aircraft and N-5 agricultural and forestry aircraft. The main production bases of AviChina are located in Harbin, Nanchang and Jingdezhen. AviChina has widely collaborated with world leading aviation manufacturers. Its cooperation with Airbus include: A320 final assembly line set up in Tianjin, the investment of which accounts for 20% of the Chinese Consortium’s investment; Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center, in which AviChina holds 20% equity interests in total.

  • Helicopter

    Helicopter models comprise Z-8, Z-9 and Z-11 series, as well as HC120 and CA109 series, which are jointly manufactured with foreign companies.

  • Trainer

    AviChina is the leading trainer manufacturer in China, producing L15 advanced trainers, K8 series trainers and primary trainers.

  • General-Purpose

    The general-purpose aircraft models include Y-12 series transpor-tation aircraft and N-5 series agricultural and forestry aircraft, which have been applied...

  • Aero-Parts &

    Be capable of independently producing and processing various aero parts and components, which can be applied to all kinds of aircraft.

  • Aero-Electrical

    Develop and manufacture airborne equipments including lighting equipments, GPWS and various displays.

  • Substantial Sub-

    Keep long-history cooperation with Boeing, Airbus, Sikorsky, Agusta and other world leading aviation manufacturers.

  • Investments in

    Hold shares in the Composite Manufacturing Center co-established with Airbus, a wind power equipment manufacturer and the Final Assembly Line of A320 in Tianjin.