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AviChina is the only manufacturer with scale production ability of helicopters in China. The main helicopter models include Z-8, Z-9 and Z-11 series. AviChina has widely cooperated with world leading helicopter manufacturers Eurocopter, Agusta and Sikorsky to manufacture helicopter models HC120 series, CA109 series and S92 parts, respectively.
AviChina is a leading manufacturer of trainers in China. Its major trainer models are primary trainer CJ-6 series, basic trainer K-8 series, and L-15 advanced trainer that is a new generation trainer under development with art-of-the-edge technologies.
General-Purpose Aircraft
The major products include Y-12 multipurpose aircraft and N-5 series agricultural and forestry aircraft.
Aero-Parts & Components
AviChina is able for various aero-mechanical and electrical products and relative accessories, such as air data collection system,aviation automatic controlling devices and aeronautical instruments, which can be applied to all kinds of helicopters and aircraft.
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AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited (“AviChina”) was established in Beijing, the PRC on 30 April 2003 with a registered capital of RMB4.6 billion. AviChina has been listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 30 October 2003. Its principle shareholders include Aviation Industry Corporation of China (“AVIC”), European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (“EADS”)[ MORE ]

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